February 8, 2023


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XL Axiata’s 4G Network Reaches More Than 1,800 Villages in Kalimantan

Dokuj.com – In the past year, XL Axiata reported that it had expanded its 4G network coverage by adding more than 1,100 BTS 4G BTS or an increase of 42% YoY throughout Kalimantan considering that XL Axiata’s traffic throughout Kalimantan increased by up to 29%.

XL Axiata Acting Regional Group Head for Kalimantan, Horas Lubis, said, apart from the business aspect, the expansion of data networks to various regions of Kalimantan is to support accelerated development.

“Quality data network infrastructure, including the availability of a fast internet connection, will enable the implementation of digitization in various fields which will ultimately support accelerated development in Kalimantan,” he said.

Horas added, XL Axiata is determined to realize the fastest internet service for and the people of Indonesia, including in Kalimantan, in accordance with the spirit of “XL Axiata Exists for Indonesia”. The expansion and improvement of data network quality by XL Axiata also continues to reach more remote areas in Kalimantan, including in the border areas of the country in three provinces, namely West Kalimantan, North Kalimantan and East Kalimantan.

“We also apply a number of the latest technologies to support the expansion and strengthening of this network, including the implementation of automated optimization technology for VoLTE, the use of Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization technology to increase network capacity efficiency using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. , Open RAN (Radio Access Network) technology with an open interface concept,” said Horas.

In addition, there is also the implementation of 4G/5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) which allows the use of 4G and 5G networks together on one frequency spectrum. Not to be left behind, XL Axiata has also utilized FDD Smart 8T8R technology to improve network quality and capacity and reduce power consumption in BTS.

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With this expansion, XL Axiata’s quality data network has now reached more than 1,800 villages/kelurahans, 466 sub-districts in 55 cities/regencies spread across five provinces, or more than 75% of Kalimantan’s population. The XL Axiata network throughout Kalimantan is supported by a total of more than 9,800 BTS including more than 5,800 4G LTE BTS.

This network infrastructure is also supported by inter-regional fiber optic cables. In addition, XL Axiata also continues to implement the 3G shutdown program which is accompanied by a re-farming process from the 3G network to the 4G network, which has now reached 90% of the total BTS. The following details the number of 4G BTS in each province:

  • West Kalimantan more than 1,300 BTS
  • North Kalimantan more than 90 BTS
  • Central Kalimantan more than 800 BTS
  • South Fifth is more than 2,200 BTS
  • East Kalimantan more than 1,400 BTS

XL Axiata is also carrying out network fiberization processes throughout Kalimantan. This is part of efforts to modernize the network by connecting BTS with fiber lines. The fiberization project is implemented in all XL Axiata BTS including those in Kalimantan.

Fiberization is carried out at the same time to regenerate BTS devices, such as replacing devices that have used microwaves to become fiber devices. Fiberization is also one of the steps in preparing the 5G ecosystem and network.

Until now, XL Axiata has more than 9,300 kilometers of fiber optic lines throughout Kalimantan. This network is the foundation for XL Axiata’s infrastructure network which reaches all provinces, and connects it to the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok and Sulawesi.

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