February 8, 2023


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Best 2023 Photo Background Change Application

Dokuj.com – Users can download photo background replacement applications on Android via the Google Play Store. Various photo background changer applications are available for free or paid.

Usually, users who want to change the background color of a photo visit a printing service, which of course takes a lot of time and effort. Or for users who have photo editing skills, they need software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Currently, Android users make it easy to change the background color of a photo with only an Android smartphone. This of course will save time, energy, and costs. Here is the list;

The Best Photo Background Editing Application on Android

Background Eraser

First there is the Background Eraser application which allows the user to remove the background and give it a color. This application has a fairly light size, which is only 5.4MB and can be downloaded for free. The interface is very simple so that novice users can operate it easily.

Background Changer of Photos

photo background changer app

Furthermore, users who want to make attractive photos can use the Background Changer of Photo application. Yep, this application offers a wide selection of interesting backgrounds to choose from, such as nature, fantasy, neon, and others.

The size of the application is still relatively small, namely 17MB. The interface is still fairly friendly even though there are still some annoying ads.

PicArt Photo Studio

photo background editing application

PicArt Photo Studio is the best photo editing application that has many functions. Besides being able to be used to change or remove photo backgrounds, this application can also be used to polish photos with the help of AI.

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The interface of this application is really friendly, considering they are a large company. In it, users still find ads and the option to buy the premium version. The size of the application is quite large, namely 44MB.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is a large company that is well known in the photo editing industry and video editing applications. They apparently made an Express version that users can download for free on the Play Store.

Yep, Adobe Photoshop Express can be used by users to change photo backgrounds easily. The appearance is attractive and mobile friendly making it easier for users to operate.

Apart from that, there are no ads in it, but users can buy the premium version to unlock filters and other capabilities. The size of this application is quite large, which is around 77MB.


Photo Director also offers the ability to change the background of a photo or remove it. Not only that, this application made by Cyberlink also brings advanced features such as turning photos into animations with the support of artificial intelligence.

Speaking of appearance, we think Photo Director offers a pretty good user experience. So that it makes it easier to operate. For application size, Photo Director has a large application size of 103MB.

Those are some photo background editing applications that users can choose according to their needs.

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