February 8, 2023


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Presents OLED TV Update, LG Targets Gamers

Dokuj.com – LG Electronics (LG) provides an update on the latest version of the webOS UI with features dedicated to the convenience of gaming for owners of LG’s latest OLED TV.

In addition, LG’s latest OLED TV also provides Amazon Luna cloud gaming services and enhances the gaming experience through 4K 60 FOS streaming capabilities via NVIDIA GeForge NOW. All of the gaming services that complement LG’s latest OLED TV were displayed at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, United States.

The popular cloud gaming service, which can now be accessed via the LG Game Card on webOS 2023, includes ease of use via voice commands. The existence of this service on the latest LG TVs will allow users to access various game titles from leading partners such as NVIDIA, Blacknut, Utomik, LUNA and Boosteroid. All of them can be enjoyed without requiring users to download or add other hardware.

This LG OLED TV, which has won several awards, also offers gameplay with smooth movement resulting from premium image reproduction and a 0.1 millisecond response time. This is coupled with various customizations to increase personalization through the Game Optimizer and game genre-specific image settings.

LG will also embed GeForce NOW as a support for streaming games on LG TVs released in 2020. This feature was previously available in the Full HD series in 2021 and 2022 with webOS 6.0 and above. This feature will give users a 4K 60 FPS game streaming experience on the big screen with only a compatible control board.

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GeForce NOW itself is an open cloud partner service from NVIDIA that works with the PC gaming ecosystem through NVIDIA GeForce RTX streaming quality. Users can play various favorite PC game titles, such as Fortnite, Apex Legend and Destiny 2, which can be purchased at various popular digital stores.

On the other hand, Amazon Luna will also be found on LG TVs by joining this service to the Game Card menu on the webOS Home Screen. Subscribing to the Luna service will grant access to games including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Everspace and Team Sonic Racing. Meanwhile, the Prime Gaming channel gives Amazon Prime subscribers access to a variety of exclusive and free game titles every month.

This LG OLED TV, which deserves to be proposed by gamers, was exhibited for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023. Meanwhile, regarding the official marketing date, LG has not disclosed it.

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