February 8, 2023


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In 2022, .ID Domain Names Become the Highest in Southeast Asia

Dokuj.com – The Indonesian Internet Domain Name Manager (PANDI) held a press conference regarding the performance of domain.ID names in 2022. This press conference was held on Wednesday (25/01/2022) at the Grand Mercure Gatot Subroto Hotel, Jakarta. On this occasion, Prof. Yudho Girl Sucahyo as Chair of PANDI stated that the number of official ID domain names is the highest number of domain names in Southeast Asia, beating domains .vn, .my and others.

“The number of ID domain names has become the highest in Southeast Asia with a total of 726,294 domain names as of December 31 2022, the largest increase occurred in the number of BIZ.ID domain users with
an increase of almost 500% compared to 2021,” explained Yudho.

Furthermore, Yudho also explained that the second largest increase occurred in the number of MY.ID domain names. “Apart from BIZ.ID which increased by almost 500% from the previous 3,164 in 2021 to 18,846 in 2022, the biggest increase also occurred in the number of MY.ID domain names which increased more than 2 times, from the previous 127,023 in 2021 to 279,576 or an increase of around 120%,” explained Yudho.

The increase in the number of domain names, according to Yudho, is the result of PANDI’s hard work in promoting ID domain names, especially BIZ.ID and MY.ID through various events/socialization/competitions involving MSME business actors and various existing elements.
in society. “In addition to the various events/socialization/competitions that were carried out, the price adjustment for the MY.ID domain name also had an impact on increasing the number of MY.ID domain users,” said Yudho.

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“In 2022, PANDI will also continue to take several steps to improve infrastructure to improve PANDI services such as adding DNS nodes, increasing System infrastructure
Independent Registry (SRM) to accommodate 2 million domain names, penetration tests on PANDI systems and applications, additional firewall devices, and others,” explained Yudho.

Yudho also added, PANDI will continue to boost the growth of .ID domain names, especially the BIZ.ID domain, one of which is by carrying out a drastic price reduction on the BIZ.ID domain name. “In order to support MSMEs to Go Global and Go Digital, PANDI will continue to boost the growth of MSMEs using the BIZ.ID domain, one of which is by lowering the price of the BIZ.ID domain so that it is more affordable for MSME players who want to
starting promotions in the digital world,” added Yudho.

Furthermore, Yudho also explained that to support MSME marketing activities, PANDI also provides innovation in the form of link shortener services and the S.ID microsite which is the shortest link shortener in the world. “In order to support the promotion of UMKM, PANDI also provides
link shortener and microsite S.ID. This service is free of charge so that MSMEs can take advantage of the service features available at S.ID to promote their MSMEs in the digital world,” said Yudho.

In 2023, PANDI targets the number of .id domain names to increase by 1 million. To achieve this target, PANDI will carry out various innovations and collaborations to strengthen the .ID domain service and invite all Indonesian people to use it.

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